Carpet Beetles

Textile Pest Control for Gloucester, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and The Forest of Dean

Textile Pests – Moths and Carpet Beetles:
The main textile pests are the case bearing and common clothes moth, and the carpet beetle . However other species such as the brown house moth are also found. All these pests can cause extensive and costly damage to a wide range of natural fibres They can be very troublesome, as unfortunately, they tend to eat the most expensive fine woollen/silk garments – so your most expensive suits and cashmere sweaters, are usually the first to be attacked.

Carpets, woollen jumpers, blankets, feathered items, furs and silk can all be severely damaged/destroyed.

A minimum course of at least 2 treatments is usually required to kill off the majority of the moths, and their young. Although, in the case of a severe infestation, a 3rd treatment may be required to control any residual moths. To help monitor the level of an infestation, pheromone monitor traps can be used to catch stray moths, or detect for new infestations.