Rat Control for Gloucester, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and The Forest of Dean

The Brown rat has coarse, grey-brown fur with a thick scaly tail, which is always shorter than its body, and has small finely haired ears.

Brown rats are common throughout the UK including inner city areas.

Found in almost every type of habitat from woodlands, riverbanks and farmland to rubbish tips, sewers and urban areas.

6-11 young per litter (one female will have 4-7 litters per year)
Gestation period 21-24 days
Sexually mature by week 10

The early control of a rat infestation is essential; they present a huge risk to human health as they are able to carry leptospiral jaundice (Weil’s disease), Salmonella, ring worm, mites, tapeworms, ticks and fleas. Property structure is too at risk as they can just about gnaw through anything including electrical wiring, pipe work and supporting beams.

Our initial visit will establish the extent and size of the infestation, areas of activity, food source, water source, past infestations and entry points. Once these are listed we can decide on what treatment is needed . We have many different methods, techniques and products all available depending on the given environment. Your treatment will be completed with our restriction process and pest proof the entire property where possible.